Google tests new card-based Play Store search interface with app screenshots

Play Store icon on Android home screen

Google is testing a new search UI with a small subsection of Play Store users.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the new interface adopts a cards-based appearance that displays more information per search result than the Play Store’s current search interface. Each card shows screenshots of the app in question, in addition to displaying information like the app’s developer, icon and the number of downloads it has accrued.

As a result of the new interface, the Play Store displays fewer search results per page. Users therefore need to scroll more to see the same amount of search results as they do in the current interface.

As with all of Google’s A/B tests, the company is currently testing this new interface with a small subset of users. There’s no guarantee the search giant will roll out it out to the Play Store’s wider user base.

Source: 9to5Google