Rogers CEO declares ‘steady progress’ regarding 5G network deployment plan

Joe Natale delivered these comments during the Rogers Q2 2018 earnings call


Rogers president and CEO Joe Natale used his company’s Q2 2018 earnings call to announce that the company is making “steady progress” towards an eventual 5G network deployment.

In addition to continuing its work with Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson, the company is also reportedly continuing to upgrade its 4.5G network in preparation for an eventual 5G deployment.

“We have signed key strategic agreements with more to come, and plans are underway to deploy thousands of small cells,” said Natale.

“We’re working with Ericsson, the North American 5G partner of choice, to densify our network with small and macro cell sites.”

When later asked about the company’s 5G plans by Morgan Stanley’s Simon Flannery, Natale expanded on the agreements signed by Rogers.

“We’ve signed a large number of key agreements that give us attachment rights across the country,” said Natale.

“As the plans materialize and they’re not competitively sensitive, we’ll be happy to share.”

Rogers posted its Q2 2018 results today, reporting a total quarterly revenue of $3.76 billion CAD.