Sony’s new tech allows portable projectors to display images on curved surfaces

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Sony has launched new technology that lets portable projectors project distortion-free pictures even on curved surfaces.

The SXRD241A is what Sony calls the world’s smallest full HD reflective liquid crystal display. The SXRD241A uses Sony’s original fine pixel pitch technology to reduce pixel pitch — the smaller the pixel pitch number, the better the picture resolution.

SXRD241A’s smaller pixel pitch results in a full HD resolution on a 0.37-type chip. Usually, narrowing the pixel pitch can result in a blurrier image because of light leakage into the semiconductor element under the pixel electrode. However, Sony added light shielding layers in order to improve the light deterioration. Sony also added a new field-sequential color technique in order to better manage RGB light sources, resulting in a better resolution, contrast and brightness.

Meanwhile, the CXD3554GG is a high-definition signal processing drive that maximizes the SXRD’s function. Sony equipped the drive with a geometric compensation function ensuring distortion free images on curved surfaces. It also fixes edge blending which makes one seamless image when multiple projects are combined together.

This technology will allow smaller projectors create a better image. Further, it’ll allow portable projectors to combine to create one large seamless images even with a curved surface involved.

Source: Sony