Waze now works with Android Auto while it’s running in phone-only mode

Both versions of Android Auto can now take advantage of Android Auto's distraction free environment

Google-owned mapping app Waze has finally updated to support the phone-only version of Android Auto.

Waze first added Android Auto support last year, which was a welcome addition to the platform, but it was also surprisingly absent from the Android Auto’s phone-only version.

The company has fixed that and now allows users to utilize the traffic busting power of Waze even if they don’t have an Android Auto compatible head unit in their car.

With the app up and running in phone mode it functions and looks exactly the same as it does when Android Auto isn’t running.  The main draw of being able to use this app in Android Auto is because it works with the rest of the platform’s features, such reduced notifications and voice texting.

Now that Waze works in both of Android Auto’s modes, CarPlay is the next frontier for the company to tackle. Apple announced at WWDC that third-party navigation apps are coming to CarPlay with iOS 12. Ideally we might see the app migrate over in the fall, but there’s been no word yet if the company is close to finishing the update.

Users can download Waze for Android here to test out the new feature.

Source: Android Police