Grab up to 3TB of cloud storage for less than $100

Let’s take another family picture! And another! And another! Before you know it, your phone storage is filled to the brim with countless memories, and this doesn’t include the extensive music library that’s taking up space on your laptop either. Luckily, cloud storage services are as popular as ever; and you should look no further than Zoolz, which offers 3TB of combined instant vault and cold storage for less than $100 CAD.

What exactly are “instant vault” and “cold” storage? Basically, cold stored files are files that can be retrieved within 3-5 hours, so it’s best to store non-vital files here. On the other hand, instant vault, or hot storage, allows you to access data instantly. Zoolz uses AWS and functions in your web browser, where you can drag and drop files with ease. You can even use Zoolz on up to two machines. 

Cloud—especially hot—storage is quite expensive, but you can find 3TB of Zoolz Cloud Storage, which includes 1.5TB of instant vault, here for $98.70 CAD, or 96% off.