Google Chrome for Android’s web browser will support Quick Replies: report

The Chromium Gerrit has revealed information regarding an upcoming Chrome for Android update. The new update lets websites send notifications similar to how the feature works now, but with the addition of Quick Reply support.

For example, receiving a Facebook notification via the web browser will now allow users to reply without opening Chrome. However, there’s also a Facebook app that lets users do the same thing.

Quick replies will be located within the status bar, though it’ll only work with websites that provide the support.

According to XDA Developers, the feature is currently in testing.

After Google has completed its testing, the feature will likely be pushed through to the Chrome Canary app. To use the feature, however, you’d have to find a website that supports the functionality. But as XDA points out, it will be difficult to find a website with the support, considering it’s not officially out yet.

To try out the functionality when it becomes available, download the Google Chrome Canary app, or wait until it’s available on the regular Chrome app.

Source: XDA Developers