The average iPhone X resells for 85 percent of its original price

If you plan on selling your phone in a few years an iPhone is probably your best bet

iPhone X

The iPhone X has the highest resale value of any in-market smartphone and currently holds the record for best resale value of any iPhone ever.

B-stock, a liquidation specialist, claims that high demand for Apple’s latest iPhone is seeing used models sell for an average of 85 percent of their full retail price.

There are a few reasons behind this high resale price. One reason is the high domestic demand. According to B-Stock98 percent of all iPhone X’s are sold in the U.S., which helps to create strong domestic demand.

Another reason for the high re-sale price is the new design. Since there are no other iPhones on the market with the same design, users are willing to pay more for the upgrade.

In Canada, Apple sells the entry-level iPhone X for $1,319 CAD. Eighty-five percent of that price is just over $1,121.  While there aren’t many used iPhone X’s on Kijiji, the ones that I did see were priced between $1,000 to $1,200 so it seems like the phones are even selling for a little over 85 percent too.

Source: 9to5Mac