Samsung to launch 512GB storage Note 9 variant in black and blue: report [Update]

Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is rumoured to feature 128GB and 512GB variants in the European market, according to frequent leaker Roland Quandt.

While the device is expected to feature external storage options, it’ll include a 512GB internal storage variant for those who want to pack a lot data on their devices.

It’s currently unclear if this larger storage model will be available globally.

Quandt also leaked the phone’s pricing and colours. In Europe the phone will launch in black, blue and purple, according to the leaker. A report from Android Headlines appears to give a first look at these colour options.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 colours


Further, the Quandt leak indicates that the Note 9 with 128GB will cost €1050 ($1,616 CAD) and the 512GB model will retail at €1250 ($1,924 CAD).

This doesn’t necessarily mean that 512GB model in Canada will retail $1,924 CAD, as that would make the phone far more expensive than even the iPhone X (256GB storage model) that retails at $1,529 CAD.

It’s likely we’ll have to wait until August 9th, when Samsung officially reveals the Note 9 to hear about Canadian prices.

The 512GB variant is to only come in blue and black, says Quandt.

This story was updated to include reported images of the Galaxy Note 9 colour options. 

Source: Roland Quandt