Samsung AR Emoji updates facial tracking and adds new customization options

Mickey Mouse AR Emoji on Galaxy S9

Samsung has released an update for its AR Emoji.

The new update introduces improved facial tracking and new customization options.

After the user snaps a selfie, they’ll be able to better adjust their hair, ears and facial features. Doing this can make a face look more child-like or older.

The new ‘My Emoji Editor’ offers other tools to touch up the eyes, nose, lips and cheeks.

The update also betters the AR Emoji face-tracking software, “with a 65-percent increase in ‘landmark detector’ points.” This means that facial features, such as eyes and mouth, are tracked even better. There’s also a frame rate boost that should make movements smoother and more natural, similar to a frame rate boost in a video game.

The AR Emoji is Samsung’s answer to the iPhone X’s Animoji and Memoji.

We’ve reached out to Samsung to verify that this feature is coming Canada.

Source: Samsung