Samsung really just trademarked something that could be a magnetic beetle

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung has a history of giving its various products strange names, including Milk VR (now Samsung VR), the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and of course, who could forget Bixby, a voice-activated assistant that is also a dog that wears shoes.

A recently filed trademark application indicates that this trend could continue with what is poised to be one of the South Korean manufacturer’s most oddly named (and shaped) products yet. Samsung describes Magbee as a “magnetic beetle” that works as a “wireless speaker dial,” according to the proposed trademark.

The trademark filing also features a logo that includes what looks like a beetle, giving us an idea of what the device could look like.

Samsung Magbee

What Magbee actually is and does is unclear, but it looks like the device could have something to do with controlling Samsung’s wireless speakers and soundbars. It’s also possible that Magbee could be Samsung’s upcoming Bixby-equipped smart speaker, though it’s unclear what a magnet beetle would actually have to do with that device.

Another more generic trademark related to the Magbee brand name has also been filed, though it covers various devices, including VR headsets, routers, computer, smart watches, speakers, smartphones and more.

It’s likely that we’ll learn more about Samsung’s Magbee-related beetle plans at the company’s Note 9 launch event in New York on August 9th.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office Via: The Verge