Structure your business from the ground up with a Bizplan Premium subscription

A light bulb pops on in your head. You have the next million dollar idea and you want it to see the light of day. Time to put a business plan together! However, once you’ve built your startup around your bright idea, you’ll need a plan to execute it.

There are hundreds of ways to structure a business plan, but we recommend Bizplan Premium for your planning needs. You can find it here for as low as $51.73 CAD.

Bizplan Premium is a step-by-step business planning app that helps you build your business from the ground up. You’ll begin by using drag-and-drop templates to structure and visualize your entire business plan. Bizplan lets you set financial goals which you can reference against imported finance metrics from Xero and QuickBooks.

You can invite as many members of your company to view your plan as needed, as well as share your plan online with investors. Speaking of which, your Bizplan subscription gives you access to fundraising experts who will guide you and your business when needed.

Bizplan is offered in 1-year subscriptions for $779.98 CAD [$588 USD] and lifetime subscriptions for $3,899.88 CAD [$2,940 USD]. However, this deal cuts both subscription prices by over 90% down to $51.73 CAD [$39 USD] and $91.52 CAD [$69 USD] respectively.

Additionally, if you use offer code DIGITALWEEK15, you can earn an additional 15% off your subscription. This code expires after Friday, July 27.