eBay moving away from PayPal, will support Apple Pay in fall 2018

The online marketplace is trying to make it easier for customers to buy goods quickly

Apple pay in action

EBay and PayPal split into two different companies in 2015 and now the online marketplace giant is using a new back-end system to host payments on the platform.

According to a January 31st, 2018 media release, eBay is working with an Amsterdam-based company called Adyen to build a brand new back-end payments platform.

Adyen is used by both Netflix and Uber to handle their users payments services and it can be customized to work with many different transaction options, according to Engadget.

Apple Pay will be one of the first payment types that eBay will support, so Safari and iPhone users will be able to seamlessly purchase goods from the marketplace using their Apple Pay wallets.

“Offering Apple Pay as a form of payment on eBay is the first step in providing more choice and flexibility in payment options to our tens of millions of buyers,” said Steve Fisher a senior vice president of payments at eBay in the same July 24th media release.

EBay company will continue to add more payment methods in 2019 and hopes to have most of its Marketplace customers fully transitioned away from PayPal by 2021.

The Apple Pay eBay update will start rolling out to U.S. users first. MobileSyrup has reached out to eBay to see if and when the feature will launch in Canada.

Source: eBay