Google Sans font may be coming to Chrome OS in a future update

Google logo in Google Sans

Google’s font, dubbed Google Sans, is coming to Chrome OS.

New code commits entered for Chrome OS shows that the company is working towards adding the font. Additionally, a bug report found by XDA Developers indicates Chrome OS will use Google Sans for titles.

It’s a natural progression for the font, which Google is using across a number of its apps now.

Google Sans began life as Product Sans, created specifically for Google’s logo redesign. Unfortunately, Google didn’t optimize Product Sans for scalability, so the search giant revamped its font to work in a number of sizes and weights.

Chrome OS commit adding Google Sans

Product Sans is virtually indistinguishable from Google Sans, but the newer version is better in almost every way. The flexibility to work in small fonts on a phone screen and a massive font on a billboard is impressive.

Not to mention that Google Sans looks great. The Android P Beta running on my Pixel 2 uses the font throughout. Everything from the lock screen clock to my notifications look fantastic.

Google Sans is also featured in the new Gmail, as well as on the slick new Wear OS webpage.

Since Google Sans is the defacto Google font, incorporating it into Chrome OS makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, it will help create some unification across the operating systems.

While we may only see Google Sans in the titles on Chrome OS for now, hopefully it expands to other areas of the operating system too.

Source: Chromium Gerrit Via: XDA Developers