Neopets making a return with fighting and puzzle mobile game

Neopets Legends and Letters

Neopets announced it’s working on a mobile game dubbed Legends and Letters at San Diego Comic-Con Monday,

Along with the new game, the company also announced a mobile site and app are on the way. The app and website will allow players to play some of the mini-games available on the regular Neopets website.

For a website that’s been around since 1999, it’s surprising that this is one of the company’s first forays into mobile.

The company’s CEO, David Lord, describes Legends and Letters as a combination “Neopets lore, a puzzle game mechanic and battles.”

Supposedly the mobile game will follow a similar format to other puzzle fighting games, like Puzzle & Dragons.

However, the game isn’t tied to the browser account meaning you can’t play with your own Neopets. Additionally, it isn’t clear whether the in-game currency, Neopoints, will transfer over.

Regardless of the in-game currency, players can customize their Neopets with clothing and accessories available through in-game purchases.

A comic book style story will reportedly run throughout the game as a connector between levels.

Lord also said the game would come to iOS, Android, Microsoft and Amazon in October.

Rumours of the mobile app circulated as early as 2014. However, a few companies acquired Neopets, leaving the site in disarray and fans disappointed.

After Comic-Con this year, things seem to be looking up for Neopets fans. The mobile site and app could signal a change for the better.

Image: The Verge

Source: The Verge