PUBG Mobile update adds ‘War Mode,’ clans and achievements

PUBG Mobile on iPhone

The July version 0.7.0update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) introduces a new War Mode.

According to publisher PUBG Corp., War Mode throws players into small patch of the battlefield to encourage more direct fighting. Players will respawn repeatedly until one team reaches 100 points. Three points will be earned for killing an opponent, while one point will be given for killing a downed opponent or reviving a teammate.

Android users have been able to test War Mode for the past few weeks in the recently released beta version of PUBG Mobile.

In addition to War Mode, the July update introduces a clan system that allows players to create and customize unique clan icons and earn rewards for completing challenges. While these rewards are given to members of a clan succeeding together, solo players can also take advantage of new achievement system to earn in-game items.

Other additions with the July PUBG Mobile patch include:

  • Nationality, clan and friend information are now viewable on title screens, while players can take part in War Zones categorized by geographical region
  • New exclusive skins for player armour, weapons, planes and vehicle finishes
  • SLR rifle from the Xbox One and PC versions of PUBG

The PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 update is now available on Android and iOS.