Leak showcases Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in blue, black and brown [Update]

Rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are beginging to drop on a daily basis.

The latest leak — courtesy of Evan Blass — reveals that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come in three colours: black, blue and brown.

What’s disappointing is it appears that only the blue Note 9 includes a contrasting S Pen.

It’s not clear if these are the colours of the Note 9 in U.S., Canada or Asia, however, previous rumours claim that the Note 9 will come in purple in Europe and now Brown.

While it’s impossible to say if these are the accurate colours of the Note 9, Blass is a reliable leaker that is often correct.

Other leaked the Note 9 stats include a 6.3-inch display, 6GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 845 chipset in U.S. and Canada and a Bluetooth S Pen. 

Source: Evan Blass

Update:26/07/2018: Roland Quandt revealed images of the S Pens separate from their devices. This also includes the S Pen for the purple Note 9.