Alexa now lets you adjust the EQ on your smart speaker

Alexa, drop the base please

Amazon Echo

Amazon is launching a new Alexa feature that allows users control to smart speaker’s software audio equalizer.

This update is aimed at people who use their Alexa-enabled device to play music. So for those that have Alexa on their Sonos speaker, this update is for you.

Users can adjust bass, midrange and treble ranging from -6dB to +6db. Users will be able to adjust these tones by using voice controls or with the Alexa app.

Some examples of these voice commands are “Alexa, set treble to maximum” and “Alexa, turn up the base,” or the crucial “Alexa, reset the equalizer.”

When users adjust the EQ, the new setting is carried across all media on the device, so if the user lowers the base during a song, it will also be lower during a subsequent podcast.

This feature begins rolling out today, but only Alexa devices that are set to U.S. English will be able to control the setting with voice commands. Users who have their voice set to Canadian English or another language can only use the app.

Source: The Verge