Netflix gives user profile icons a personalized makeover


Netflix has revealed that the icons used for individual account profiles are set to soon become a little more fun and personalized.

The streaming service says that its introducing a number of new account profile icons, with some featuring characters from well-known Netflix shows and movies, including Queer Eye, Orange is the New Black and of course, Stranger Things.

Currently, Netflix profile photos are limited and amount to a simple monochrome facial expression. In total users will be able to select from 100 different user profiles.

Netflix says that the new profile icons are rolling out over the next few weeks.

“Profiles are key to creating a highly personalized Netflix experience. By watching on your own profile, we can showcase suggestions for TV shows and movies we’re sure you won’t want to miss,” writes Cathy Conk, Netflix’s director of product innovation, in a recent blog post.

Though a minor update, given how bland Netflix’s icons have been since the introduction of the streaming service’s individual profiles feature, this is a welcome shift.

Source: Netflix