‘Galaxy F’ may be name of Samsung’s folding phone series: report

F for folding?

Rumours are popping up that Samsung’s foldable phones will come as part of a new Galaxy F line.

The rumours come from a short tweet by a Chinese leaker. Additionally, the leaker indicated in a follow-up tweet that the Galaxy F line would be “super high-end.”

While it isn’t exactly clear what the Galaxy F line will be, speculation is that F is for foldable.

Considering that the leak suggests the F line will be very high end, it makes sense that it could be the folding phone. Samsung’s folding phone may cost between $1,500 and $2,000 USD.

Recently, rumours circulated that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy X line would have a folding display as well. Galaxy F could be an alternate title for the folding phone series. Personally, I think Galaxy X sounds cooler than Galaxy.

Either way, the device reportedly will have a seven inch display and a battery as large as 6,000 mAh.

Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer with plans for a folding smartphone.

LG submitted a patent earlier this month that showed off a few different hinge designs for a folding phone. Some of the designs were similar to Microsoft’s Surface Book hinge.

Ultimately, as interesting an idea as the Galaxy F series is, without anything more substantial to back up the rumour.

Source: Twitter Via: SamMobile