Huawei looking to release a foldable smartphone before Samsung

Samsung isn’t the only one looking to unveil a foldable smartphone in 2019.

A report from Nikkei reveals that Huawei is looking to build and release a foldable device before Samsung does. Nikkei attributes its information to “sources familiar with the matter.”

The report reveals that Huawei will use flexible OLED panels from Chinese display-makers BOE. Nikkei believes the first batch of smartphones will be small, but that Huawei isn’t looking to outsell Samsung, just be the first.

The company may only produce 20,000 to 30,000 units or less.

Huawei isn’t the only company looking to outdo Samsung. BOE is also looking to beat Samsung in the OLED smartphone display market. An analyst at a research company called WitsView believes that BOE is trying to prove itself to clients such as Apple.

Samsung, the world’s number one smartphone maker, also makes high quality OLED panels seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Note 8 and even the iPhone X.

BOE reportedly made the displays for the 2018 MacBooks and iPad and is reportedly interested in building OLED  phone display for Apple as well.

Huawei’s P20 Pro was the first device in the world with a rear-facing triple rear camera setup, as well as the first to release Android devices with an iPhone X-style notch. With this competitive spirit, it’s easy to foresee the China-based company continue its push to be first in the foldable handset arena as well.

Source: Nikkei