Amazon is thinking about overhauling its Prime Video app

A new update is on its way to Amazon's streaming service.

Amazon is working on a new design and user interface for its streaming video service, Prime Video.

Head of Amazon Studios Jennifer Salke has teased that a significant update was in the pipeline for Prime Video, going so far as to state that she’s already running it on her phone.

What Salke has shared so far is short on details, resulting in intense speculation from some subscribers. Some people are suggesting bringing over features from competing services like Netflix and Hulu, including more comprehensive recommendations.

What Salke did mention is that the new interface is significantly more intuitive, according to TechCrunch.

There isn’t really any information about the new user interface, though we’ve learned that there’s a new app coming for sure. That should be exciting enough for anyone who is using Prime Video’s lacklustre mobile app.

Source: TechCrunch