Fortnite Mobile has surpassed 100 million downloads, $160 million in revenue


Fortnite Mobile has exceeded 100 million downloads and generated $160 million USD in revenue since launching five months ago, according to a report from app analytics firm Apptopia.

Further, Apptopia estimates that Fortnite Mobile will hit $500 million in IAP by April 2019.

These figures only relate to iOS downloads and in-app purchases (IAP), as Fortnite Mobile is still awaiting a release on Android sometime later this summer.

Apptopia also reports that players have spent 2.7 billion hours playing Fortnite on mobile, with an average session time of 21.6 minutes. For context, Apptopia notes that players of fellow popular mobile game Pokémon Go has an average session time of 14.8 minutes.

However, Fortnite Mobile took longer to reach the 100 million download mark than Pokémon Go. 

Apptopia mobile games

According to Apptopia, Super Mario Run and Pokémon Go reached 100 million downloads in 68 and 71 days, respectively. It’s important to note that Super Mario Run went on to become Nintendo’s least profitable mobile game in spite of its high download count.

Fornite Mobile is also far surpassing the mobile version of rival battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

While PUBG Mobile was downloaded 23.3 million times in its first week compared to Fortnite‘s 3.4 million, it was also available on both Android and iOS from launch. Even with its early lead, Apptopia doesn’t anticipate PUBG Mobile reaching 100 million downloads for another 206 days.

Source: Apptopia