Most recent Google app beta causing crashes for some users

Google app on Pixel 2 XL

Some users are reporting the most recent Google app beta update is crashing repeatedly.

For users enrolled in the beta program for the Google app, Sunday’s 8.14.12 update caused some problems. Additionally, the problems initially appeared isolated to those running the Android P Developer Preview.

For those running DP5, the Google app constantly crashed. A window stating “Google keeps stopping” would pop up on phones repeatedly.

However, some Reddit users noticed the issue extends beyond Android P. Some users running Android Oreo also experienced crashing.

For now, the solution appears to be disabling updates and rolling back to the previous version of the app. Alternatively, users can temporarily leave the Google app beta. Other users suggest restarting the device helps reduce crashing.

Regardless, this is beta software we’re talking about here. A beta app running on a beta OS is likely to have problems. It’s a bit of a surprise, considering how stable the P Preview has been so far.

It’s also worth noting the issue doesn’t seem particularly wide spread. My Pixel 2 XL on DP5 updated the Google app t0 8.14.12 and I have not experienced any crashes yet.

Whatever the issue, Google will likely fix it soon — if it hasn’t already. These betas are meant to test issues like this and fix them before they affect the general public.

Source: Reddit, Android Police