Tesla started selling a limited edition surfboard

Elon Musk's companies are starting to get known for their wacky accessories

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has hit one into left field with its latest venture into the totally radical world of surfing.

Over the weekend, the company sold 200 limited edition surfboards to what can be assumed are 200 Tesla vehicle owners that also enjoy surfing.

The limited run black and red boards match the aesthetic of Tesla’s cars. They feature carbon fibre elements and Tesla logos on the top and bottom. The company even claims that the board will fit “comfortably” inside of all of its cars.

Tesla had some help from surf brand Lost Surfboards and the professional board builder Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos.

The boards went on sale for $1,500 CAD, and sold out shortly afterwards. Telsa is building each board to order. The company claims it’ll start shipping them in two to 10 weeks.

Since they’re sold out already, anyone that’s looking to get their hands on one is going to have to wait until they begin shipping, and then hope they’re-selling for a reasonable price (which is unlikely to happen).

This isn’t the first time one of Elon Musk’s company has released a weird accessory. Earlier this year, The Boring Company sold 50,000 hats and $600 CAD flamethrower.

Source: Tesla Via: Engadget