Tesla tries delivering Model 3 direct to customer’s home, Musk joins for a photo op

According to Musk, it's convenient and doesn't waste plastic wrap

Tesla Model 3

Tesla is testing a new delivery method for its Model 3 cars by taking them directly to customers’ homes.

In a tweet sent out on Sunday, Musk explained the new delivery system. Instead of an open trailer like traditional delivery, this system uses an enclosed trailer, meaning there’s no need to “waste plastic wrap.” Furthermore, it delivers the vehicle direct from the factory to the owner’s home.

Musk also tagged along, stopping to grab a few photos with Devin Scott, the proud owner of a new blue Model 3.

Tesla’s service centers are reportedly overwhelmed with customer deliveries now that Tesla pumps out 5,000 Model 3s a week. This new delivery method could be a way to reduce the strain.

While not all the details about this new delivery method are available, it likely isn’t very efficient. The enclosed trailer appears to carry one car. Furthermore, Tesla likely used a pick-up truck or similar vehicle to tow the trailer — vehicles that aren’t efficient or environmentally friendly.

A typical car delivery truck isn’t efficient either, but it benefits from the ability to carry multiple cars at once.

It also isn’t clear if this delivery method could be feasible for deliveries far from Tesla’s Fremont, California factory.

Considering Tesla seems willing to try anything once, this could be a test. However, it’s unlikely that this kind of delivery method would be feasible. Organizing a fleet of delivery trucks on that scale for one-time deliveries just doesn’t make sense.

For saving some “plastic wrap” it seems like a lot of extra complication.

Source: Twitter Via: CNET