Toronto Transit Commission is enabling two-hour transfers for Presto users

Later this summer it's going to become a bit cheaper to use Presto on the TTC

a TTC bus

Brad Ross, the TTC’s executive director of corporate and customer communications, has announced that two-hour transfers are coming to Toronto’s transit system starting on August 26th.

Ross Tweeted that transit riders who use Presto cards can transfer from one line to another, anytime within two hours starting at the end of August. As soon as a user taps their first mode of transportation the two-hour clock begins and you’ll be able to ride in any direction with just one payment.

This change should help people save money when they take shorter round trips on the TTC. The new rule is only coming into effect for Presto users, so riders who pay by cash, tokens or tickets will still only be able to transfer while they’re going in one direction.

The TTC’s board approved the policy in November and it estimates that the change will add 5,000,000 customer trips in a year, according to Global News.

The estimated cost of the rule change is $11.1 million CAD for the remainder of 2018, with a price tag of $20.9 million per year going forward.

Source: Twitter, Global News