42 percent of Canadian investors concerned about crypto fees: study

While many young Canadians are confident in the future of cryptocurrency, there are also a large number that is concerned with fees associated with such business.

According to an study commissioned by Environics, 42 percent of Canadian investors aged 18-34 said the high cost of cryptocurrency fees as a “major concern.” Meanwhile, 33 percent of 35-51 year olds and 23 percent of 52-69 year olds said high fees were a major concern.

The study also found that Canadian men were much more likely than women to cite risk as a concern with cryptocurrency investing (71 percent vs. to 55 percent). Sixty-two percent of men also said they were concerned about security in cryptocurrency, compared to 55 percent of women.

However, 35 percent of male investors said they believe cryptocurrency investing is a high return investment than female investors, compared to only 18 percent of women investors.

For this reason, Coinberry says it is launching free trading for cryptocurrencies through its platform.

To conduct the survey, Environics polled 1,000 Canadian adults from July 9th to 11th, 2018.

Source: Canada Newswire