Canadian live trivia game Showdown lets players make their own quizzes

You are the quiz daddy now

Showdown Live on Android

Toronto-based virtual events agency Eventstream is launching a live streaming trivia app for iOS and Android.

The app, called Showdown Live, lets players join or create their own live trivia games. Players can pick their own category, and create six or 12 question games, with whoever has the fastest answer winning the round.

The app also offers a community aspect. Players can subscribe to quiz creators they like. Additionally, they’re able to discuss trivia and quizzes in the comments throughout the app.

“We’re huge champions of the new mobile game show trend, but we were frustrated by the restrictive game times and lack of choices for the hosts and topics,” said Michael Dawson, president of Eventstream.

“We really want to let our users choose which hosts they want to follow and which trivia categories they want to compete in. On the flip side, hosts not only get to entertain viewers in subjects they’re passionate about, but also build a loyal fan base and earn rewards while doing it.”

Showdown Live also offers rewards, regardless if you win or lose. Users who play games, win games, create games or more receive digital coins. They can redeem coins for gift cards from Amazon, Apple, Walmart or Best Buy. Additionally, there’s no restriction on how many coins users can earn or how many gift cards they can get.

The app is certainly an interesting take on the live trivia space. While Dawson did take some shots at other trivia apps, his points are valid. Personally, I played HQ Trivia for some time, but when they stopped doing the 3pm games I stopped. Now that HQ has brought back the 3pm games, I still don’t really play.

The option to play when I want and also the choice to pick my quiz is appealing. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s enough to draw players away from other games.

You can download the app on iOS and Android.

Source: Evenstream