Google’s latest Chromebook ad pokes fun at Windows and macOS

Have you heard? Chrome OS wants to fight Windows and macOS near the slide after last bell

Google has released a new commercial on its official Chromebook Youtube channel that doesn’t hold any punches in its quest to prove Chrome OS is better than Windows and macOS.

The ad takes a minute long jab at all of the common issues and complaints users typically have (or had in some cases) with Apple and Microsoft’s PC operating systems.

The ad is more of an Apple and Microsoft takedown piece than anything. There’s a rapid-fire feature list in the last 12 seconds of the video where Google claims that Chromebooks have better virus protection, automatic updates, all-day battery, quick starts and more.

A number of the issues are legitimate annoyances with Windows and Mac, but they don’t amount to much more than that. They’re also rarely as extreme as Google makes them out to be in this ad.

Some features like built-in virus protection and automatic updates have been part of Windows for a long time now, and all-day battery life is beginning to become less of an issue with most newer laptops.

Google is pushing Chromebooks just before the back-to-school shopping season begins, which is a smart move for the tech giant given how the company positioned Chrome OS over the last few years.

There’s a chance that a lot of the teens and young adults have been using Chrome OS or an iPad at their school for a number of years, which means they’re already familiar with Google’s lightweight operating system than macOS and Windows 10.

Source: Google