Google Maps for iOS now features ‘Match’ location recommendations

Maps now predicts where you want to eat

Google Maps for iOS now supports the company’s new restaurant recommendation feature ‘Match.’

Match was announced at Google I/O in May and it made its way to the Android version of the app in June. Now it’s rolling out to iOS users as well.

Google built the feature to make Maps more competitive with Tripadvisor and Yelp. Its main focus is to learn what kinds of restaurants and bars the user likes and then recommend similar establishments.

To see what places you match with on iOS tap the explore button. The app then presents the users with a list of recommended restaurants. Match rates locations out of 100 which means anything above 70 percent is probably pretty good.

This feature uses all of the relevant data that Google has on the user, like where they’ve been in the past and what preferences they’ve loaded into the app. The app then uses machine learning to evolve these scores as it gathers more data.

To input some starter information, tap on a Match score and you’re given the opportunity to add some reviews and personal preferences.

Getting this update on iOS brings the app closer to its Android sibling, but it’s still missing the ‘For you’ tab which presents users with a simple list of recommendations.

The Match score doesn’t show up for every location, but maybe as Google gathers more data this will become less of an issue.

Via: Mashable