Netflix is partnering with Sony to offer enhanced colour calibration on select TVs

Sony's top TVs might be the bast place to watch Netflix later this year

Netflix building D

Netflix is launching a new calibration mode exclusively for Sony televisions.

The new feature, called ‘Calibrated Mode,’ was developed by Sony’s picture quality and device experts in a collaboration with Netflix’s colour scientists.

It adds an extra layer of processing to content that’s played on select TVs from the Sony Bravia Master Series line. The new process configures the TV to match the display settings that content creators use when editing videos in post-production.

This above video does a good job of explaining the feature, but since it’s unlikely you’re watching it on a professionally calibrated display, it can’t truly show what the new technology looks like.

Netflix claims this feature works with all videos on the platform, including 4K and HDR content. The goal of the process is to remove what’s commonly known as the ‘soap opera effect’ and replace it with accurate colours, true motion and accurate contrast, according to Netflix.

This feature is interesting, but it will be worthwhile to see if it’s actually able to improve every show and movie on the service. How will Netflix be able to apply this tech to 90s shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, especially when compared to the fidelity featured in content natively shot in 4K with HDR?

The feature is slated to launch later this year, but so far it’s only available on Sony’s new OLED Master Series A9F and LECD-based Z9F.

Source: Netflix