SaskTel offers new ‘Sharemore Top-ups’ for data overages starting at 1GB for $10

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Regional carrier SaskTel is now offering aid for customers who go over their data bracket. The telecom is offering ‘Sharemore Top-ups’ for customers on the company’s Sharemore plans.

Customers have the option of a 1GB top-up for $10 CAD or a 5GB top-up for $30. The top-up can also be shared with all subscribers on their account.

The Sharemore top-ups expire at the end of a customer’s billing period and users are not able to cancel it after it has been purchased. Additionally customers can’t transfer the top-up data to a different data bucket.

Further, if you have a Sharemore Canada and U.S. plan, you can use the Sharemore top-up in both Canada and the U.S. For those with local plans, you can only use the top-up data in Canada.

Without the sharemore top-up, data overage charges can get pricey. SaskTel charges $0.03 per MB when you’re over your data cap, which is equivalent to $30 per 1GB.

Per the Canadian Wireless Code of Conduct, SaskTel prevents subscribers from using more than $50 of overage data.

Data top-ups like this aren’t unusual. In fact, most, if not, all carriers have a similar solution.

Regional carrier Eastlink features 1GB or 2GB top ups for $20 and $30 respectively. While Quebec-based telecom Videotron offers 500MB for $10 and 1GB for $14.

To check out SaskTel’s sharemore top-ups, click here.