Sony’s ‘Double Discounts’ sale offers extra savings for PS Plus members

PS Plus members can get games up to 50 percent off

PS4 Pro

Sony’s ‘Double Discounts’ sale offers PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles up to 80 percent off, if you have a PS Plus membership.

Like many PlayStation sales, Sony offers customers an additional discount if they have a PS Plus membership. This time around, however, the additional discount doubles the original deal, so if something is 40 percent of for non-PS Plus members, it’s 80 percent off for a PS Plus member.

The sale is only available until August 7th at 11:00am ET.

Here’s a list of some of the more notable titles on sale in Canadian prices.

There are plenty of more games on sale, so to check them out, click here. To get the double discount, make sure you’re logged into your PSN account with PS Plus activated.