Amazon Canada is launching two new online stores for back-to-school shopping

The stores are for students ranging from kindergarten to post-secondary

Amazon Canada back to school

Amazon Canada is launching two new online storefronts to help student’s get prepared up for the upcoming school year.

The first store is for ‘Back to School’ and it’s aimed students ranging from kindergarten to grade 12. The other store is for post-secondary students and it’s called ‘Off to University’

The Back to School store is full of deals on school supplies, electronics and more. Amazon has even added subcategories for different grade ranges and there’s also one for educators.

The post-secondary store also has a few subcategories, but they’re in groups for textbooks, school supplies, electronics and clothing. There’s a section for teachers and professors located in this section as well.

Both of these storefronts feature a wide variety of items ranging from pens and scissors to Brita filters and laptops. Amazon has done a good job of highlighting some of the main stuff students need,  but there’s also a lot of random objects like a carpet brush or five yards of cheesecloth in the deals sections.

Amazon also points out that students can order their goods to one of the many secure pick-up points that are often placed near some university and college campuses.

Source: Amazon