Google to put its weight behind YouTube Music, promises bi-weekly updates

YouTube Music isn't just here to play, it's here to compete

Google has confirmed that it’s planning on updating its YouTube Music app every two weeks to make it more competitive with Spotify and Apple Music.

The app launched in Canada on June 18th, 2018 and reception has been mixed, due to certain missing features and strange user interface tweaks.

For example, users were unable to sort their album library alphabetically instead of by recently added music at launch.

Additionally, every time a user follows an artist on YouTube Music they also subscribe to that artist’s YouTube channel. This is a nuisance for people that use YouTube for consuming content other than music videos.

Now Google says a fix is coming.

In a interview with Engadget, the company said that it’s planning on addressing issues like album sorting with regular bi-weekly updates that will focus on user interface and app organization changes.

Another update that’s close to release is the ability for users to save their music and videos to a hard drive or SD card.

Sometime after that, Google expects that users will even be able to select the quality of their downloads and music streams.

It’s exciting to learn that Google seems committed to pushing YouTube Music to actually compete with Apple Music and Spotify since Play Music has fallen out of the streaming music conversation lately.

Source: Engadget