Snapchat is rolling out new Lenses that respond to voice commands

Snapchat is trying to use Lenses to gain an edge over the competition

Snapchat partners with Shopify

Snapchat is releasing a new series of Lenses that respond to user voice commands instead of movement or a facial expressions.

A Snapchat Lens is a live photo-filter that plays on top of videos and images. Lenses range from things like a digital mask, to an augmented reality hotdog that dances on your shoulder.

The voice-activated Lenses show the user on-screen instructions whenever they’re opened. Each new Lens has a trigger word associated with it like ‘hi,’ ‘love’ or ‘wow.’

Snapchat’s rolled out an audio activated Lens in May, but it was just triggered by sounds, not specific keywords. The new update is a natural extension of this technology.

The feature has started rolling out globally now, but it often takes a few days for every device to get the update. So far neither my iPhone 7 Plus or Huawei P20 Pro have been updated.

Snap has been working on its Lens program a lot lately, with new Lenses being release more frequently, as well as opening the Lens creation process. 

Source: Engadget