HubblePhone is the dream smartphone: 60-megapixels, three displays and six cameras

Turing is hoping to launch the phone in 2020

Turing Space Industries is the smartphone manufacturer responsible for devices like the Knight Icefyre the Dark Wyvern and the Pharaoh. Now the company is looking to launch another odd device called the HubblePhone — named after the telescope.

The smartphone isn’t necessarily a foldable handset, though it does feature an upper display that the company calls the ‘Upper Deck,’ while the main display is called the ‘Main Deck.’

One of the Upper Deck’s purposes is act as a viewfinder while using the phone’s main camera, similar to a camcorder. However, there are many ways to use the upper deck, and when closed the device’s Upper Deck sits on top of the Main Deck.

Think of it as a display flip phone, with the upper display being able to turn horizontally.

This strange smartphone also features a 60-megapixel main camera, with 15x optical zoom, within a cylindrical section on the side of the device.

However, if 60-megapixels aren’t enough, the phone also has five more cameras. The HubblePhone sports a dual 12-megapixel camera setup with two variable apertures (f/1.5-f/2.4) on the upper deck within a side notch. It also supports another side notch on the flipside of the upper deck which hosts a single 12-megapixel module.

While on the main deck, the HubblePhone features another dual rear-camera module with 12-megapixel sensors and additional variable aperture lenses (f/1.5-f/2.4).

The phone also has a scroll wheel and a programmable button.

The handset is IP68 water and dust proof, HDR10 compliant, and hosts 256GB of storage on the Upper Deck and 256GB on the Main Deck.

It appears Turing plans on providing its phone with two still-unannounced Snapdragon 855 chipsets, one on the Upper Deck and one on the Main Deck, as well as two dual-SIM card trays, two octa-core CPUs each with 8GB of RAM, two Adreno 630 GPUs, two batteries — one 2,800mAh and another 3,300mAh — and a single 5G modem.

Turing also says the device will use an “Emotional Machine Intelligence Chip” that’s designed to provide a “next-gen mobile gaming experience.” The company says that the device will come out during Q1 of 2020 for $2,749 USD (approximately $3,573.29 CAD).

Turing filed bankrupt earlier this year but clearly that hasn’t stopped the company.

While Turing’s goal is obviously to actually release this phone, it’s so futuristic I wouldn’t be surprised if it never sees the light of day.