Android Auto could soon support Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

New evidence suggests Google is working towards adding support for its recently released podcasts app to Android Auto.

Over the past couple of weeks, some Android Auto users have been able to continue listening to podcasts inside their car when they’ve started Android Auto while streaming a podcast on their smartphone.

However, the functionality was obviously a work in progress, because at that moment there wasn’t an interface for controlling playback.

On Wednesday, however, one of Android Police‘s readers saw Google Podcasts appear on the media carousel of Android Auto. AP‘s Richard Gao, the author of the original story, wasn’t able to see this functionality in their car, which suggests Google is rolling out the feature to a limited number of users.

Moreover, Google still has work ahead of itself before the feature is consumer ready. For instance, in the screenshots above, the media screen doesn’t display all the relevant information related to the current podcast. It also lists the audio source as the Google app, instead of Google Podcasts.

Source: Android Police