Apple Maps in Canada now supports VIA Rail transit directions

Apple Maps is still expanding in Canada

Apple Maps

Apple has updated its Maps app to support VIA Rail information in Canada.

The update now supports the over 11,265km of VIA Rail train track that spans from coast-to-coast.

Users can now search for transit directions from Toronto to Calgary or Vancouver to Ottawa and VIA Rail departures will show up in search results.

For example, I searched for directions from Toronto to Ottawa and was presented with three route options, with each one involving a VIA train.

This is a pretty cool feature for Canadians looking to travel long distances by train, but it would be nice for Apple to expand regular city transit directions to more Canadian locations.

Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Victoria and Vancouver are the only Canadian cities that have transit directions in Apple Maps, but there are almost 40 cities in the states that have the feature.

Google Maps has had this VIA information for a while so Apple isn’t overtaking its competitor, but it is getting closer to in terms of features.

Source: MacRumors