Bell to bring 1.5 gigabit speeds to Ontario this month

Bell will also bring 1.5 Gigabit Internet service to the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and Manitoba

Bell sign on wall

Within Bell’s quarterly earnings report this morning, the company announced plans to increase its fibre optic speeds to 1.5 gigabits per second (Gbps). The national carrier plans on introducing 1.5Gpbs speeds in Ontario later this August, followed by Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Manitoba.

With the increase, users will experience download speeds up to 1.5Gbps and upload speeds up to and near 1.5Gbps, similar to the company’s current gigabit speed offering. On its website, Bell promises 1Gbps download speed and 940Mbps upload speeds via its currently available 1 Gigabit fibre service.

While Bell promises 1.5Gbps speeds in Ontario, not everyone will be able to access this level of speed. Users will have to live in an area where Bell can provide fibre optic internet straight to the home.

Bell introduced gigabit speeds earlier this year when it introduced its all fibre-optic internet network in Toronto. 

Bell says its fibre optic network spans 240,000 total kilometres. Reaching across the four Atlantic provinces, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba

Increases in gigabit speed and the use of the fibre optic network will help with Bell’s future 5G wireless deployments, considering fibre is necessary for 5G’s network performance goals.

The national telecom had previously said that it wants to bring 5Gbps speeds by next year and ultimately more than 40Gbps in the future.

Source: Bell