Samsung tries to forget the Note 7 in new teaser for Note 9

No sign of Samsung's hottest Note in this new teaser

Galaxy Note 7

Do you remember the Samsung Note 7?

It seems just about everyone but Samsung does. The company uploaded a brief teaser ad to promote the upcoming Note 9. The teaser appears on the Samsung Mobile News Twitter account.

The teaser runs through all the phones in the Note series save one. It skipped the poor Note 7!

If your memory is as short as Samsung’s, here is a quick reminder for you. The Galaxy Note 7 came out in August 2016. However, the device quickly blew up (sorry for the pun).

Two separate battery issues caused a small portion of handsets to catch fire or explode. Samsung quickly pulled the device from shelves amid media outcry, social media frenzies and more. Additionally, some airlines banned the device. For a time, there was pandemonium.

Samsung, however, is moving on. If this new teaser is anything to go by, the South Korean company is focused on other devices.

Maybe it’s time we move on as well. The Note 9 will launch on August 9th. It may be just what we need to forget.

Source: Twitter