Canada’s first eSports gaming arena is coming to Richmond, B.C. in 2019


Myesports Ventures has announced its plan to build Canada’s first-ever eSports arena, with its opening scheduled for 2019.

The company plans to build the arena, simply named The Gaming Stadium, in Richmond, B.C.

The Gaming Stadium will feature a large gaming stage with seating for up to 250 spectators. There’s  also set to be a gaming area with more than 40 gaming setups, a casual area, a broadcast facility and food and drink offerings.

Myesports Ventures plans on hosting Little League, Jr. League and Major League tournaments at The Gaming Stadium.

“We are focused on more than top-level players or hosting major events. We are aiming to cultivate the next great gamers as we will be holding leagues for all skill levels while also offering coaching for those who want to take their skills to the next level,” said COO Matthew Low of Myesports Ventures. 

Dedicated gaming arenas aren’t entirely unheard of. London, Seoul, L.A., Seattle and other cities around the world all have eSports similar — and in some cases a lot larger (the Blizzard Arena in L.A. seats up to 400 spectators) — than the upcoming Gaming Stadium.

While cities, like Toronto and Montreal do not have their own eSports stadiums, they make up for it with filling other locations with gamers. As of right now Canadian gaming tournaments take place in a variety of locations such as the Scotiabank Theatre, The International Centre and the Olympia de Montreal.

However, since The Gaming Stadium is the first in Canada it marks a milestone in the Canadian eSports scene.