Apple Music’s ‘Friends Mix’ playlist recommends what your friends are listening to

Apple is stepping up its music recommendation game

Apple Music on iPhone

Apple Music is launching a new feature called ‘Friends Mix’ that groups together popular songs that the user’s friends are listening to.

The feature is nestled in the ‘Discover’ section as a new playlist called ‘Friends Mix.’ The playlist updates with 25 songs every Monday, so it fits in well with the rest of Apple’s algorithmically generated playlists.

The mix is rolling out now and doesn’t seem to be related to Apple’s upcoming iOS 12 update.

The feature isn’t going to mean much to users who don’t have lots of friends on Apple Music, but for those that do, it could be quite useful.

Before Friends Mix launched some albums featured small profile pictures to indicate what collection people are listing to. In the new playlist the pictures are still there, allowing you to view who is listening to what, but now it’s narrowed down to the exact song.

This new feature is actually a big deal for Apple since the company’s music streaming platform is lagging behind Spotify in terms of music recommendations. Spotify uses three algorithms to recommend music to its subscribers and is generally thought to provide better recommendations across the board.

Apple’s new feature adds another recommendation engine to the platform, hopefully bringing it one step closer to feature parity with its Swedish competitor. One of Spotify’s most interesting algorithms bases its recommendations on what music other users with the same musical tastes as you are listening to.

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Via: 9to5Mac