Premium email service Newton is shutting down in September

The market for premium email services isn't big enough, according to Newton's founder

Newton app icon on Android

Newton email service is shutting down this September.

The premium, subscription-based email platform, which launched in 2016, will shut down on September 25th. The company behind the app, CloudMagic, struggled against free apps from Google, Microsoft and Apple.

“We explored various business models but couldn’t successfully figure out profitability and growth over the long term,” wrote Newton’s founder Rohit Nadhani in a Medium post.

Newton isn’t the only victim. Other premium email services like Sparrow and Mailbox have fallen prey to free apps like Gmail.

Newton will certainly be missed. According to Nadhani, Newton had over 40,000 paid subscribers and was often declared the best email app.

I used Newton for a short time while writing about it for MobileSyrup’s App of the Week. Newton was incredibly good.

It looked great and had some powerful features, including Recap, which helped remind you of emails you forgot about, Snooze, and the ability to schedule emails were invaluable. Unfortunately, those weren’t enough to keep Newton afloat.

Effective immediately, the company is disabling new sign-ups. Additionally, it won’t renew monthly subscriptions. Finally, annual subscriptions will be refunded proportionally. Newton is working with App Store and Play Store authorities to set up partial refunds.

The company will post instructions on how to claim those refunds no later than September 18th, 2018.

This isn’t an end for CloudMagic, however. The company will continue to operate and the Newton team will focus on new projects.

Newton will join a number of other great email apps — and I’ll join those searching for a replacement.

Source: Newton Via: The Verge