Niantic has confirmed that player vs player battles are coming to Pokémon Go

Battles are coming, but will they be turn based?

Niantic has shared that players can look forward to some sort of PVP battle mechanic coming to Pokémon Go in late 2018, according to an interview from Gram Magazine.

There wasn’t much information shared, but it comes from Niantic’s European head of marketing, Anne Beuttenmüller, so it’s definitely accurate.

Battling has long been missing from the hit mobile game. Since player vs player battles plays a large roll in the regular version of Pokémon, players have been let down since the feature is notably absent.

Trading was also missing when the game launched. Niantic added the feature to the game near the end of June and if player vs player battles finally make their way to Pokémon Go, all of the core Pokémon features will be in the mobile game.

Hopefully when battling is implemented it will be similar to the mainline games and less like the Raid and Gym battles that are currently featured in Pokémon Go

Source: Gram Magazine Via: Android Police