Google Assistant on Android is getting some handy smart home controls

Tweaking the temperature a few degrees is about to get a lot easier

Google Assistant header

It looks like Google is adding to the visual design of the Assistant app so it’s easier to tweak certain smart home settings.

This update was shown off at I/O back in May 2018 and now it’s starting to roll out to Android users, according to Droid Life

The new feature is easy to use. Whenever a user asks the Assistant to adjust the brightness or the temperature of a room, it will perform the action and present the user with slider controls.

This idea is the best of both worlds. It allows users to activate smart home controls with their voice and then manually adjust settings to individual preference.

When the user is adjusting the thermostat, there are plus and minus buttons to help fine-tune the temperature. The light brightness slider also has a button to turn off the lights.

What seems odd is that the Mountain View search giant chose to include this feature within the Google Assistant app, rather than the Google Home app.

While unconfirmed, the update seems to suggest that Google may be positioning Assistant as its main smart home controlling app, instead of Home.

This makes a lot of sense since Google Assistant is becoming a popular way to control smart homes as people get more familiar with voice controls.

Google has been tucking a lot of features into the Assistant app lately and it’s really starting to become a hub for lots of contextual information, as well as reminders, smart home functions and more.

Image Credit: Droid Life

Source: Droid Life