Lucky Mobile offers $35/month 4.5GB back-to-school promo plan

lucky mobile

Lucky Mobile, Bell’s recently launched discount wireless brand, expanded to Quebec and Atlantic Canada last month, which makes its country-wide rollout complete.

Competing directly with Telus’ Public Mobile and Rogers’ Chatr Wireless, Lucky offers customers rate plans with “3G-equivalent” speeds of up to 3Mbps.

In its latest promo, Lucky is targeting students with a back-to-school promo with three new data offers.

First, the carrier is offering a plan for $40 per month that offers up 4.5GB at 3GB speeds and that includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited Canada-wide and international texts, call display, voicemail, call waiting and three-way calling. Those interested can reduce the price to $35 per month when they opt-in for automatic top-ups.

In addition, a cheaper option for $35 per month offers the same list of extras but less data at 1GB per month. This plan can drop down to $30 per month when automatic top-up is activated. The final offer is for $25 per month with no data option.

There’s no listed end date on the promos, but it’ll likely end toward the Labour Day weekend.

Bell is also planning to bring Lucky Mobile customers an app that enables talk and text over Wi-Fi by the end of 2018.

Source: Lucky