Google Chrome update adds support for Windows 10 notifications

Chrome on Android

Google is rolling out a small Chrome update that changes how notifications work.

The new feature now routes notifications through Windows 10’s Action Center. Users can access Action Center by clicking the small speech bubble at the far right of the task bar.

According to a tweet from Peter Beverloo, a Googler responsible for notification prompts, the update has hit 50 percent of users. It should hit all users in about a week.

The new notifications will work on any computer running Chrome 68 and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Most importantly, this means that Chrome will support Windows 10’s Focus Assist feature. The feature mutes notifications when you’re running a game or in Do Not Disturb.

Also important, although maybe not to everyone, is the visual appearance. Chrome notifications will now look like Windows 10 notifications.

However, Google has some more work to do when it comes to supporting Windows. Microsoft’s newest and coolest feature, Timeline, is fantastic. Unfortunately, neither Chrome or Firefox currently work with it.

Thankfully there’s an extension that fixes that. However, native support would be better.

Source: The Verge