Samsung’s newest ads pit the Note 9 against the iPhone X

Note 9

Samsung’s Ingenious advertisements are at it again.

This time around, the South Korean company pits the recently announced Galaxy Note 9 against the iPhone X.

In the first of the two advertisements, a customer tells the Genius that the Note 9 is powerful. The Genius responds, saying he thinks the ability to unlock the phone with your face is powerful.

When the customer says the Note 9 can do that as well, the genius says iOS 12 will let him FaceTime up to 32 people.

The customer asks why he’d ever want to do that and the genius scrambles to think of another argument.

The second ad shows a woman asking about the difference between the Apple Pencil and the Note 9 S Pen.

The genius explains it’s for the iPad, prompting the lady to ask what she’s suppose to use with her phone.

“Your finger,” the Genius says.

Overall pretty quippy commercials. They’re certainly better than some other Ingenious commercials Samsung has produced. That being said, I’m not a fan of the Ingenious ads at all.

Samsung would be better off showing people why the Note 9 is so powerful, not comparing it to some other phone.

Via: iPhone in Canada