Galaxy S10 won’t be Samsung’s first 5G phone according to DJ Koh

Samsung also wants to be first to launch a folding smartphone

Samsung’s next big flagship, the Galaxy S10, won’t be the first phone in the high-end series of devices to feature 5G connectivity, says Samsung’s head of mobile, DJ Koh.

According to ZDNet, Koh told Korean journalists this at Samsung’s Unpacked event. Furthermore, he reaffirmed that Samsung still aims to make the world’s first foldable smartphone.

While one could argue that BlackBerry released a foldable smartphone first with the Pearl Flip 8220, Samsung isn’t the only company gunning for a folding smartphone.

Huawei wants to beat Samsung and launch its folding smartphone in 2019. LG is also working on folding phone tech.

According to ZDNet, Koh also told reporters that the company isn’t far from unveiling it’s foldable phone.

As for 5G, Koh said Samsung is working with South Korean carriers to roll out the first 5G phone.

South Korean telecoms plan to launch 5G in March 2019, which means a Samsung manufactured 5G smartphone will likely be released at around the same time.

Koh wasn’t clear if the first 5G phone from the company would be the foldable phone. Regardless, Samsung’s 5G phone will likely only be available in South Korea.

Source: ZDNet Via: CNET, Pocketnow